Moving House

2010 has been great, loads of festivals and readings. Whistle the show got its first outings at Ledbury and Freeword, Whistle the book came out and Boring the Arse Off Young People came out. The Arts Council and Apples and Snakes funded me, so I got to work with Sarah Ellis (producer) and Andre Barreau and Karen Hall created the visuals for the show. And I won a prize from the Poetry Society no less. I’ve managed to get this web-site together with the help of the marvellous Karen Hall.

Now for 2011, which I hope will be as good to me as 2010, but with less admin. The show and me are being worked on with Francesca Beard and director James Grieve so we can take on the world. If 2011 can be half as good as 2010, I can’t wait and the Gig page will get itself populated.

Helen (Ivory) and I are very excited to be moving into an old co-operative butchery, it is amazing. What better place to workshop people’s poems: come my pretties, bring your poems to The Butchery. We now have room for our coats, books, Helen’s dresses and my shirts…… but for how long.

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