After this blog, there is only the packing left and first thing tomorrow it’s off to Edinburgh, via a couple of days in Newcastle. In the past couple of months its seemed like I’d never get everything done, but somehow I have. I’ve been to the doctors more times in that period than in my entire working life. Sinusitis is still lingering after two lots of anti-biotic and is now being attacked with a steroid spray. An abscess made a spectacular appearance at the Ledbury Poetry Festival and has now subsided, with yet another dose of anti-biotic.
I have been given a spare course to take with me. My injured finger is still bent, but not as bent as it was before it went in the splint.

So I head off to Edinburgh for a month’s run with a funny smell up my nose. I have the show in my head having safely delivered it in Colchester, apart form one small hiccup that necessitated Helen shouting LEMON MERINGUE across the audience. On Thursday I was photographed by Sam Christmas for the TImes Magazine for a feature next Saturday – perfect timing to promote the show. Compare the link picture to the one above – can Sam pull it off? I can check my ticket sales on line (8 – the only way is up). Go on come and see me – check out the finger.

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