Can it be called a blog when you haven’t updated for two months, no! I type this weakly recovering form sinusitis which has laid me low for the past week and is a truly horrible thing – flu while someone kicks you in the face. I bravely drove two hours to Wivenhoe for a Joy of Six gig last night (I’m not a hero just doing my job) and was very glad I did. What a lovely and full crowd. It was our first gig for a fair while and we pulled it off. We have Ledbury next. My gig page is thinning out with Edinburgh looming and all that entails crowding in. Whistle has had good run outs, first at the ADC in Cambridge during Wordfest. There were technical problems there, but everyone said it didn’t matter, but it mattered to me. A gig with my family and many friends at, you want them to see it as it should be. Thankfully home town gig in Norwich, it was seen as it should be – God bless the Arts Centre staff. A sell out, an evening shared with Molly Naylor’s splendid show as part of a spoken word week-end. I played a small part in the Aisle 16 show the night before and we looked after the wonderful TIm Turnbull at the week-end over the week-end. I’m now rehearsing wiht my director James Grieve and we finish our work together next week. Other news is I got two poems highly commended in the Ledbury Poetry Competition, which is most encouraging for life after Whistle.

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